Sunday Morning Discipleship

Sunday Morning Discipleship

These Sunday Morning Discipleship classes will meet every Sunday except on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, & Memorial Day Weekend. All courses will end on Sunday, June 3.

We host discipleship classes nearly every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 am. We offer a variety of studies and classes to guide and inspire the members of our church family on their journeys of faith. Check our calendar to see information about current classes. Let’s learn and grow together!

Children in kindergarten through sixth grade are invited to join our children’s class. Child care is also provided for children up to kindergarten age.

Course 1: “God in the Mess” (Open to both adults and teens)
We live in a really, really messy world.  The Bible has no problem showing us just how broken we are, even its heroes.  Good thing we have a good Savior.  Come join us for a study of Judges.  Meets downstairs in Room 1.

Course 2: “The True Vine…One with Him” – John, Part 3: (Open to adults and teens)
Jesus draws HIs disciples aside to prepare them for what is to come.  Come and learn about His death, burial, and resurrection, and their significance to your salvation as we go through chapters 12-21. The cost of this Precept Ministries study book is $29.95.  Please contact the church if you plan to attend.  Even if you can only make one class, please join us for a great discussion of the Bible.  Meets downstairs in Room 2.

Course 3: “Living the Gospel Daily” (Open to adults and teens)
Together we will discover how the Bible defines the Gospel and explore ways we can apply it to our daily lives.  The basis coming from Philippians 1.  Meets downstairs in Room 3.

Note: Children’s ministry and nursery is available during this time.