Sunday Morning Discipleship

Sunday Morning Discipleship

Please join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 for courses designed to grown and stretch your faith.  We have classes for everyone from toddler up to adults.   Our hope is that these will become a regular part of your Sunday morning experience.

These Sunday Morning Discipleship courses meet every Sunday except on April 14 (Palm Sunday), April 21 (Easter), and May 26.

Communicants’ Class:  This course, designed to teach students 6th-12th grade, take them through the basics of the faith in an exciting and fun environment.  All parents are strongly encouraged to have their students attend!  Resumes Feb. 3.

J-Term Course: Introduction to Apologetics and Evangelism:  “Learn to discuss your faith with those who have different worldviews.” by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

God in the Battlefield: A Look at Faith during Times of War.  Join us for an exciting course taught by an active duty army chaplain.  The course will review biblical, middle age, and modern history wars.  As well as highlight God’s presence and deliverance of His people.  This will be an open discussion format class. Starts Feb. 3.

Daniel Part 2. A course looking at how the Book of Daniel can help you live today!  Please join us for a great study and discussion of the Bible.  There is a workbook that goes with the course. Starts Feb. 3.

Note: Children’s ministry and nursery is available during this time.  Click here for more information about kids ministry.