Building Campaign

Building Campaign

Responding to God’s Vision

The Old Testament book of Nehemiah recounts a time in the fifth century B.C. after Jerusalem has been destroyed by the Babylonians. With Israel now under Persian rule, a Jew named Nehemiah, who is a high official at the Persian court, is informed that Jerusalem is without walls. Inspired by God to take action, he returns to Jerusalem to lead his fellow Israelites in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The massive project is completed because God stirs the heart of each member of the community to help out as they can. As a result, the city becomes so vibrant that new people have to be chosen by lottery to move into it! Can you imagine? A community once in shambles is so flourishing that there is a “wait list”!

We too believe God is calling us to a new era at Reston Presbyterian Church. The heart of Reston Presbyterian’s ministry focus is to reach people for Christ, but our facilities currently are limiting our ability to serve. When our church was founded in the late 1970’s, the church plant team was grateful for the opportunity to purchase our property, which included a house that was added onto to create our current facility. At that time, our young church family rejoiced in the provision of this asset as an answer to prayer to enable them to plant a church in Reston. However, as we continue to grow and evolve, our current facilities simply cannot support all the marvelous opportunities before us.

The Nehemiah Challenge

With much prayer and planning, our Nehemiah Challenge is a bold plan for a modern facility space that supports the exciting plans we believe God has placed in our hearts. The Nehemiah Challenge is a comprehensive program for improving our facilities through new construction and renovation. Partnering with a local architecture firm, we now have the plans and permits to build a beautiful and modern space for worship and ministry. This new facility will provide the platform to support our current growth and vision, providing us with:

  • Worship capacity more than double our current capacity
  • Up-to-date worship technology — sound and lights
  • Removable sanctuary furniture to enable multi-function space
  • Five more classrooms to expand on-site Sunday discipleship
  • Nursery next to sanctuary for parent convenience
  • Expanded parking

Your Participation Is Needed for Success

If we study how God has been at work throughout history, such as in Nehemiah’s era, He again and again uses His people, placing them in specific places at specific times to fulfill His purposes. We believe God is calling each member and regular attendee of the church to play a role in the success of this God-inspired effort. God has even inspired some outside of our immediate church family to get involved. As God moves in the hearts of His people, we are seeing family members, friends, and other believers from all over prayerfully considering giving to this new work. God is using the talents of architects, engineers, designers, government authorities, and construction workers to create and approve a design and put a physical building in place, but He is building His people into a spiritual building to do the work of His ministry.

You can participate in three ways:

  • Pray without ceasing for the direction and provision of the Lord.
  • Give generously of your gifts, talents, and service to His ministry, and of your finances to our building fund.
  • Creatively and wisely help make improvements to our existing facility to sustain them as long as the Lord allows.

Financial Needs

With a price tag of $4.4 million to complete this project, the church has been carefully managing expenses and saving funds. An early fundraising campaign provided for the work done to date and has contributed to our current building fund balance of about $700,000 as of spring 2017. By year end 2017 we hope to kick off a fundraising campaign to reach the level needed for us to break ground soon. Thank you for prayerfully considering a contribution!


Rendering of future building’s interior